Abigail Adcox wrote: This Week in Politics
Monday, Feb. 25 Vice President Pence meets in Bogotá, Colombia, with South American leaders including Juan Guaidó. Sen. Bernie Sanders, 2020 presidential candidate, attends a town hall hosted by CNN. Tuesday, Feb. 26 Michael Cohen (More)
[caption id="attachment_19612" align="alignleft" width="6950"] Billy Ferguson/Fourth Estate[/caption] Discounted courses and programs offered through Mason for government employees BY DANA NICKEL, NEWS EDITOR The longest government shutdown (More)
[caption id="attachment_19338" align="alignleft" width="347"] Billy Ferguson/Fourth Estate[/caption] BY DOMINIC PINO, STAFF WRITER The logic of a government shutdown is quite straightforward: the government runs out of money because Congress ca (More)
Billy Ferguson wrote: This Week In Politics
BY JENNIFER MUCHNIKOFF, STAFF WRITER Monday, Jan. 21 California Democrat Sen. Kamala Harris announces her bid for presidency in 2020. Delta Air Lines Foundation provides a private grant to ensure Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical (More)
Susan Katherine wrote: Make America Work Again
BY SUSAN KATHRINE CORKRAN, STAFF WRITER In late October of 1995, I was born in what was until now the longest government shutdown in our nation’s history. My father is a federal employee, and needless to say, my entrance to the word couldn’t h (More)