Abigail Adcox wrote: This Week in Politics
Monday, April 1 A former Nevada legislator, Lucy Flores, accuses Joe Biden of inappropriate kissing and touching during a 2014 campaign event. Kellogg sells off its cookie brands, including Girl Scout cookies, to the maker of Nutella. (More)
Abigail Adcox wrote: This Week in Politics
Monday 3/18 A South Korean defense official says claims that North Korea is preparing a missile launch are “hasty” and inconclusive The lawyer representing the perpetrator of the deadly shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand tells media hi (More)
dominicpino wrote: Not True, Real, or Genuine
[caption id="attachment_19275" align="alignleft" width="800"] Illustration by Frederick Burr Opper[/caption] BY DOMINIC PINO, STAFF WRITER It’s a crying shame that people have to run around ruining our words. This past week, there have bee (More)