BY LUKE HARRIS STAFF WRITER On a bright Thursday morning, I walked into CVS Pharmacy ready to get my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. It was a day that I had been anticipating ever since the vaccine efficacy numbers were released back in late 20 (More)
BY SEAN CULLEY CONTRIBUTOR It seems like some people want to downplay Israeli success at all costs. Such is the case with Israel’s outstanding COVID-19 vaccination rollout. More than 60 percent of its population has received at least one dose (More)
BY RICHARD HRONIK STAFF WRITER Picture this. You sign up for a media production class expecting to be able to use high-tech equipment for your projects. A few weeks in, you find out that unless you spend thousands of dollars to buy your own materi (More)
BY DOMINIC PINO OPINION EDITOR On Friday, March 19, President Washington announced in an all-campus email that Mason would be having a more normal commencement in accordance with Virginia loosening COVID-19 restrictions for school graduation cerem (More)
BY ELI KOHN STAFF WRITER It’s nice, isn’t it?  You have a class that starts at 10 a.m. You wake up at 9:50, turn on your computer, and load Zoom as you start making breakfast. You barely have to pay attention! You eat your eggs while you w (More)
BY LUKE HARRIS STAFF WRITER Online schooling is reaching its breaking point. Last fall, roughly half of grade school students began experiencing the trials and tribulations of learning on the computer. This spring, that trend is set to hold course (More)
BY ELI KOHN STAFF WRITER If you’re affiliated with Mason in any way (if you so much as breathe the air on campus) you are familiar with the litany of protocols aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 on Mason’s watch. Single-seat tables, ta (More)
BY DOMINIC PINO OPINION EDITOR The university is targeting 75 percent in-person instruction in the fall. Janette Muir, the associate provost for academic initiatives and services, told me in an email, “We are preparing to move furniture back int (More)
BY: LUKE HARRIS, CONTRIBUTOR [caption id="attachment_24152" align="alignnone" width="636"] Bert Kaufmann/Wikimedia Commons[/caption] It’s 2 a.m. and I am laying in bed at home, still awake. My mind is too busy trying to imagine what next seme (More)