nathalia wrote: Update 7/27/20-8/2/20
This week, I utilized Streamlabs OBS to record an EEG and gameplay at the same time, as I described in last week's post (7/20-7/26).   For Magic: the Gathering Arena, I was able to get a contact rating of 83, as shown in the picture below, (More)
nathalia wrote: Week of 7/20/20-7/26/20
Last week, I noticed a problem that when trying to compare what was happening in-game to what was happening in the EEG, it would be very hard to make the two in-sync as they were recorded in separate recordings. My goal for this week was to find a wa (More)
Today I tested the EPOC+ headset with the EmotivPRO EEG recording software. After a few different attempts, I was able to set up the band with 83% contact quality, as shown in the image below. After the setup, I decided to take a test recordin (More)