Here’s a selection of interesting posts from across onMason.

“Federman Beats Cancer” by Gregory Connolly

Gregory Connolly’s article takes a highly sympathetic and insightful look at Jacob Federman, a junior sports management major at George Mason who has twice beaten Hodgkin’s lymphoma. After first beating the cancer in high school, he experienced a relapse as a freshman at Mason, and the account of his struggle against the disease and the treatment process is compelling. Mason hosted a Relay for Life in his honor two years ago, and Federman organizes his fraternity’s participation in the event.

“Mason Asks: Tim Kaine” by Mike Lucier

This article is an interview with Tim Kaine, Virginia’s governor and United States Senator hopeful. As governor, he improved the state’s economy and prioritized education and environmental issues, and he has also served as Mayor of Richman, Lieutenant Governor and Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The interview covers use of out-of-state funds in his campaign, his thoughts about college and student debts, his plans to help students find jobs and to reduce the national debt and what piece of legislation Kaine hopes to introduce should he become Senator.

“My ‘Return to Paradise’: Sam Sparro Concert Review” by Tabby Hardman

This is a review of a concert by Sam Sparro, an electro-funk/soul musician, at the Rock and Roll Hotel in northeast D.C. A huge fan of Sparro, Hardman describes the concert as “magical” and Sparro’s voice as velvety, his stage presence as unbelievable. Hardman effectively describes what sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“MLB 12: the Show. So Real, It’s Unreal” by Anthony Jamison

Jamison reviews the latest installment in the videogame franchise MLB: The Show. This game allows players to take part in almost every aspect of the major leagues, from the field to the behind-the-scenes work as manager or owner. It is immersive and detailed, a must-have for gamers seeking to experience major league baseball without actually being there.

“Cultures of Resistance: The Human Spirit Lives On” by Daniel A. Shyti

This article describes the independent film “Cultures of Resistance”, which focuses on various victimized populations around the world, from the Rwandan genocide to industrial exploitation in the Congo. The film shines a lot on many issues that deserve worldwide attention and that serve as strong, forceful reminders of both the value of humanity and the horrors that humans can inflict on each other.

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