[caption id="attachment_26271" align="aligncenter" width="695"] Allison Alberty / The Fourth Estate[/caption] Mason ditches its mask mandate and implements mask-optional and COVID-19 test-optional rules BY ALLISON ALBERTY, SOCIAL MEDIA AND GRAPHICS (More)
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President Gregory Washington, Mason faculty and Student Government facilitated the discussion BY SAMI GIBBS, CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF AND JALEN STUBBS, COPY CHIEF Editor’s Note: The responses and questions were edited for length and clarity. The ques (More)
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[caption id="attachment_25968" align="alignnone" width="813"] Photo Courtesy of[/caption] Mason reports a positivity rate of 0.9% among students BY BRAD BYRNE, NEWS EDITOR Entering the fourth (More)
Amid Governor Youngkin’s news laws regardings masks and vaccinations in schools, Mason announces future COVID-19 plans BY MADISON SCHOFIELD, STAFF WRITER In an email to the Mason community sent on Jan. 31, President Gregory Washington announced (More)
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Positive cases remain low as Mason enters 12th week of classes BY ALLISON ALBERTY, GRAPHICS EDITOR & SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTOR As Mason wrapped up the 11th week of school last week, positive COVID-19 cases remain low. The campus maintains its vac (More)