COVID-19 has impacted us in many ways, but it has significantly changed how we perceive time BY COLIN BERRY STAFF WRITER If your last year and a half was anything like mine, you are likely familiar with the stay-at-home black hole. Today, we are (More)
BY CAROL PETTY CONTRIBUTOR  On May 6th, the Board of Visitors (BOV) voted unanimously in favor of a tuition increase for graduate students and an across-the-board increase in student fees for all students. This is the second time the BOV incr (More)
Campus guidelines keep COVID-19 cases at Mason low among students and employees   BY LIANNA BROWN, CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF During the 2020-2021 school year, Mason was applauded for its ability to keep campus COVID-19 cases low. As the United St (More)
Lianna Brown wrote: Letter from the Editors
Hello Patriots! About two weeks ago we entered the Office of Student Media and were met with a newsroom that appeared to be ready for its section editors, graphic designers, photographers and other staff to return from the 2020 spring break. It wa (More)
Mason’s president speaks on work environment, COVID-19 updates and accomplishments BY LIANNA BROWN AND SAMI GIBBS, CO-EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Editor's Note: This interview was edited for length and clarity. Sami Gibbs conducted the interview.  (More)
For most of the past 25 years (last year was an exception for obvious reasons), WGMU, our radio station, has run a summer camp for middle and high school students. Even though Coronavirus seems to be diminishing in the United States (knock on wood (More)
Mason emails students, faculty, staff and contracted workers regarding their plans to get vaccinated BY SUDIKSHA KOCHI STAFF WRITER  On March 23, Safety, Emergency, & Enterprise Risk Management sent out an email stating that Mason was coor (More)
[caption id="attachment_25353" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Courtesy of TEDxGeorgeMasonU[/caption] Exploring healthcare, education and more in a pandemic world BY: SYDNEY JOHNSON STAFF WRITER On Friday, April 16, TEDxGeorgeMasonU hosted their (More)
Mason’s campus guidelines have kept positives low as the academic year comes to a close BY MADDIE GIERBER STAFF WRITER Mason is ending its spring semester with a total of 276 positive COVID-19 cases since Jan. 25 and a seven-day average of 2.29 (More)
Mason will allow for in-person celebrations following Governor Northam’s announcement BY MADDIE GIERBER STAFF WRITER Per new guidelines released recently by Governor Ralph Northam, Virginia universities may hold in-person commencement ceremonie (More)