[caption id="attachment_20713" align="aligncenter" width="2208"] Izz Lamagdeleine/Fourth Estate[/caption] Q&A Addresses Kavanaugh, Pober, Title IX and more BY IZZ LAMAGDELEINE COPY CHIEF On Tuesday, April 16, Mason for Survivors hosted (More)
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Students describe their campaign platforms and why they are running for student government BY MONICA ECHOLS, CULTURE EDITOR Dawson Weinhold, Junior Major: Public Administration, Minor: Economics Why did you decide to run for Senate? (More)
Micah Mudlaff wrote: Vote For Nobody
[caption id="attachment_20064" align="alignleft" width="328"] Photo courtesy of Vote For Nobody[/caption] BY MICAH MUDLAFF, REPRESENTATIVE OF THE "ABSTAIN FROM VOTING" CAMPAIGN This campaign is a referendum on Student Government. We’re asking (More)
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