In the new onMason round-up we take a look at some of the most interesting posts throughout onMason.

Tragedy and Twitter” by Karina Schulthesis

This is an account of how social network sites like Twitter have changed the way people respond to and deal with school shootings. In order to make her article more effective, Karina begins with an anecdote about when she heard about the Columbine shootings in elementary school, drawing a connection between that tragedy and the recent shooting at Oikos University in Oakland.

The Inconvenient Truth about Racism” by Sayed Z. Shah

Using the Trayvon Martin murder in Florida as a starting point, Sayed discusses the issue of racism and argues that racism is as prevalent as ever. He states that efforts to combat racism are often ineffective and that racism is a universal problem, not one confined to particular geographic locations or demographics of people. The inconvenient truth is that racism can be reduced, but it can likely never be fully eradicated.

New ‘Strawberry Blonde’ Woolly Mammoth Found” by Kristen Janerio

This article is a short news piece about the discovery of an almost perfectly preserved woolly mammoth carcass found yesterday morning (April 4) in Siberia. The finding is particularly notable because the mammoth has a ginger-colored coat of fur, which contradicts scientists’ belief that all mammoths had dark-colored coats.

Mason Not Allowed to Recognize Domestic Partnerships” by Hannah Smith

This Broadside article details why George Mason University is unable to extend benefits to partners of faculty members in same-sex relationships or unmarried couples. Because domestic partner benefits are illegal under Virginia law, the university is prohibited from extending health insurance coverage to partners of unmarried employees.

Social Media Does More Than Connect Friends” by Allie Hunter

This article talks about how surgeons at the Houston’s Memorial Hermann Northwest live-tweeted an open heart surgery to help teach other surgeons and answer questions regarding the procedure. It uses this point to show how social media like Facebook and Twitter can be utilized for more purposes beyond simply connecting with friends.

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